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Circumcision Clinics

By Dr.Sachin Kuber MS

Alisklamp Circumcision

Stitchless Circumcision

No more open wound, no bleeding, no stitches, no more sticky bandages and no more risk of infection including hepatitis B/C and HIV..

Basic Circumcision

Stitched Circumcision

Basic Circumcision is done here with a loose cut of the foreskin near the glans penis.

Advanced Circumcision

Minimally invasive techniques

Advanced Circumcision is done here with a sharp cut of the foreskin behind the glans penis.

Cosmetic Circumcision

Aesthetic looks

Cosmetic Circumcision is done here with a sharp,tight cut of the foreskin behind the glans penis.

Dr.Sachin Kuber is well experienced and has performed thousands of surgeries till date.Specially trained in Alisklamp circumcision in Malaysia , he is performing Stitchless Circumcision...
The medical team at Sun Clinic comprise of highly skilled and qualified Consultants with exposure to international systems and protocols. The support medical team comprising of Registrars and Medical Officers is competent and has well trained paramedical staff. The medical and nursing teams are ably supported by administrative staff, with a very patient focused Customer Care Team engaged in delivering a high degree of customer satisfaction. 

Revision Circumcision

Circumcision revision is an uncommon but sometimes necessary procedure. It refers to a second surgical procedure performed due to unsatisfactory results with the original circumcision. .


frenulum breve,is remedied by a procedure called a frenuloplasty, where the tightness and restriction is removed.

Dorsal Slit Surgery

Dorsal slit of the foreskin is performed to relieve strangulation of the glans by a paraphimosis or to visualize the urethral meatus in patients with phimosis.


Preputioplasty or prepuce plasty, also known as "limited dorsal slit with transverse closure", is a plastic surgical operation on the prepuce or foreskin of the penis,[1] to widen a narrow non-retractile foreskin which cannot comfortably be drawn back off the head of the penis in erection because of a constriction (stenosis) which has not expanded after adolescence..


The procedure involves the removal of the restricting tissue for increased range of motion in the penile skin and enhanced sexual enjoyment.

Ultra Circumcision

Extra long inner mucosal skin is kept while cutting outer skin for more sensitive penis and sexual enjoyment.

Our Surgeon, Expert Dr.Sachin Kuber MS.

Dr.Sachin Kuber M.S. performs Circumcision surgery in Pune with Basic,Advanced,Cosmetic type of circumcision options.


Dr.Sachin Kuber recently travelled to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia to get training in Alisklamp Circumcision.After returning to India he has started performing Alisklamp non surgical circumcision in Pune at Sun Clinic..


Dr.Sachin Kuber has gathered a massive experience in Circumcision expertise since 2002.He is performing circumcision with utmost precision in Pune since 2004.